Solaris Co Ltd is the EPC arm of Eco Seido, with a focus on end-to-end EPC services for rooftop solar projects.

With proven expertise in providing engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning services for the solar PV industry, Solaris provides a total solutions package comprising the services below, or selected services as required.

Eco Seido - Total EPCC services
Eco Seido EPC Service - Plant design

Plant design

We design every installation to maximise energy output and lower costs, taking factors like the weather, soil, wind, topography and local irradiance into consideration.

Eco Seido EPC Service - Procurement


Our extensive experience and network of contacts in related industries enables us to negotiate and supply products and services at great terms.

Eco Seido EPC Service - Plant construction

Plant construction

Eco Seido’s network of contractors are qualified and experienced, assuring
the highest levels of quality.

Eco Seido EPC Service - Balance of System

Balance of System

A key strength of our team is our expertise in optimising the entire balance of system (BOS), which encompasses all components of the solar PV system apart from the solar panels itself.

Eco Seido EPC Service - Grid Integration

Grid integration

We are able to increase the stability of the integration between your solar PV
installation and the grid through a robust plant control system.

Eco Seido EPC Service - Operations and maintenance

Operations and maintenance

We provide our clients with complete solar operations and maintenance services to maximise the performance of their solar PV installations across the globe.