If you’re interested in a simple, low maintenance, affordable option for installing a solar system on your rooftop, a solar lease-to own arrangement could be ideal for you.

Eco Seido - Solar Lease to Own Program

Under this scheme, Solaris will install the system and manage the ongoing maintenance and operations for a fixed monthly lease. This electricity generated by the panels is self-consumed so you immediately use much less electricity from the grid – resulting in lower monthly electricity bills.

At the end of the lease-to-own contract, the entire system, and all the energy is generates, belongs fully to you.

Benefits of this scheme include:

  • A fixed monthly lease, which is calculated to be lower than your current electricity bill
  • You’re hedged against future electricity tariff hikes
  • Immediate increase in asset value
  • No maintenance or operations costs to worry about
  • High visibility CSR for your brand
  • Reduced greenhouse gases
Eco Seido project - Matahari Kencana Tanjung Malim