Green Energy Eco Seido Co Ltd is a subsidiary of Eco Seido that specialises in
the development of large scale solar farms. Green Energy Eco Seido seeks like-minded partners to explore opportunities in joint ventures for this area.

Eco Seido - Development of Large Scale Solar

As an end-to- end developer, Green Energy Eco Seido is able to manage all aspects of commercial solar farm development, from sourcing, feasibility
studies, legal agreements and permits, utility interconnection financing, engineering and construction management.

Green Energy Eco Seido is the owner and developer of the 100MW Eco Seido Tuy Phuong solar farm in Binh Thuan Province, Vietnam, which is slated to commence construction in 2018. When completed, this will be the largest solar farm in Vietnam.

Eco Seido project - Matahari Kencana Tanjung Malim

Our areas of expertise include the following with respect to large solar farms:

  • Initial site surveys
  • Feasibility studies both from a technical and financial perspective
  • Developing financial models
  • Managing contracts and permits
  • Construction management
  • Managing ongoing maintenance and operations contracts